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– three wells analysis

This case history showcases neotork utilization in a well (N05-01x) that was side-tracked from an existing well (N05-01) following a discovery, to better ascertain the size of the geological structure. After about 1,000 meters (m) drilled, N05-01x had to be abandoned because of a pressure incident forcing the operator to cement the whole BHA downhole. A third well was then drilled (N05-01xx), this time without neotork. Those three very similar wells, one drilled using neotork and the two others without, allow a clear comparison of the impact of neotork on drilling performance.


in the press

‘Moving Faster’

Oilfield Technology (March/April 2024) , page 16


‘Downhole tool adjusts depth of cut to protect BHAs in complex wells’

Drilling Contractor (October 2023)


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