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Since 2015, Neo Oiltools has been committed to revolutionizing drilling technology with the groundbreaking neotork downhole tool, created by Philippe Cravatte. With an impressive patent portfolio, Philippe is a driving force in drilling innovation. Starting in the North Sea, neotork’s exceptional performance has driven our expansion into key global markets, spanning the United States, Middle East, Far East, Africa, and Latin America.

Our expansion is led collaboratively by both regional managers and our local partners, who together bring a wealth of drilling industry expertise and local market experience to drive our business.

With the ease of neotork, our sales model operates seamlessly and responsively. We carefully select and work with partners in each market based on their understanding of the unique challenges and customer needs, as well as their capability for fast deployment and exceptional customer support.

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At neotork, innovation is ingrained in our DNA. We are not just setting goals; we’re boldly pushing boundaries – challenging industry norms to revolutionize drilling. With our flagship neotork tool, we’re delivering cutting edge solutions that redefine industry standards. Innovative and meticulous design ensures a safer drilling environment for all. 



Our driving force is to help clients drill more efficiently, saving them time and money. From engineering to manufacturing, assembly, and reuse, we actively engage with our clients to understand their needs. Our commitment to client-centric collaboration ensures that we deliver solutions that inspire trust and loyalty and allow us to respond effectively to client needs and exceed their expectations. 



At neotork, we believe excellence is fueled by curiosity. We never accept the status quo; instead, we embrace a culture of continuous learning and exploration. By encouraging curiosity, we unlock new ideas, approaches, and solutions, ensuring the best possible outcomes for each other, our suppliers and our clients. 


our values

enhanced efficiency

We strive to create swift, superior, and cost-effective drilling solutions that optimize well performance and reduce the number of days on the well, minimizing the impact on the environment. Through innovation, collaboration, and excellence, we help clients achieve faster, better and cheaper outcomes.

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