instant, automatic torque response for all drilling vibrations

advanced design

innovation without compromise

The only tool to mitigate all four drilling dysfunctions, neotork stands out for its effectiveness and resilience in diverse drilling applications. Available in standard sizes, neotork manages torque variations from drilling, milling, reaming, hole enlargement, or coring.


easy rig up

neotork does not require a technician for operation, allowing for seamless integration and functionality in the field without additional on-site support. neotork has been designed as an unmanned tool and is delivered to the rig site in a fully assembled state with all internal connections expertly torqued to perfection. Its upper (box) and lower (pin) connections, meeting API standards, guarantee easy assembly.

tool description


neotork consists of two sections – the upper assembly with a box connection, and the lower assembly reinforced by a shaft securing the pin connection.

In the top assembly, a barrel is equipped with a set of disc springs compacted during assembly. These springs apply pressure on an axis, extending the tool to its maximum length. The number of springs is determined by Weight On Bit (WOB) and torque thresholds. Additionally, the calibrated disc springs absorb axial movement.

Control over extension or contraction is achieved through the lower assembly. It features a rotating body with a lower shaft connected by steel cables to the upper section. When torque on the lower shaft exceeds the resistance of the disc springs, it rotates clockwise. This action causes the cables to pivot around the sleeve, lifting the lower shaft until torque returns to its preset level. Conversely, as drilling progresses and torque decreases, the tool automatically extends back to its full length.

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