why neotork?

over 14 million feet drilled in 1500 wells worldwide



Get instant torque adjustment that automatically keeps the bit constantly engaged for increased ROP and footage.


protects against all
4 drilling dysfunctions


The only tool to mitigate axial, lateral, torsional and HFTO vibrations. Reusable across multiple wells.


operational costs


neotork protects the drill bit and BHA so there are fewer failures, less downtime and fewer trips out of the well, as well as increased safety performance.


neotork’s patented cable design optimizes drill bit depth of cut, allowing operators to ramp up ROP and footage, even in tough conditions

optimized operations

mitigate your risk by integrating neotork into your well’s BHA design

neotork is the only tool that can protect your drilling operations against all four types of vibrations and torque dysfunction. Integrating neotork in exploration wells protects against unknown well vibration and torque conditions that hinder drilling performance. In development projects, neotork improves drilling efficiency by optimizing drill bit depth of cut, enhancing ROP and footage.

Plus, one neotork tool can be reused across multiple wells, saving drilling time and cost.

neotork – the only solution for reducing vibration across all four dimensions.


Unmatched at managing damaging stick-slip.



Best in class for reducing High Frequency Torsional Oscillations.



The unique cable design allows unimpeded axial movement dampening shocks.



Using neotork has been shown to improve drilling harmonics and reduced lateral vibrations.


patented innovation

responsive cable design

neotork is the only anti-vibration tool that uses cables guided around an internal mandrel and paired with a spring pack. Its flexible cables provide zero resistance and respond to torque changes quicker than other VSS designs. This guarantees continuous engagement of PDC cutters and BHA protection. Perfect for directional drilling, neotork’s fast response minimizes all four drilling vibrations and torque dysfunctions.

multiple tool sizes

neotork comes in various sizes optimized for standard drilling operations. Each tool arrives fully prepared and with precision torqued internal components for immediate use. Detailed instructions guarantee a safe and easy rig-up.

expert engineering

With an experienced engineering team and patented designs, our neotork technology has proven successful in the most challenging drilling environments since 2015. Our rigorous testing ensures reliability.

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